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A Party Gal that likes to go Clubs and Dancing !!

NEED TO READ THIS as there is no "Second Chance" at a "First Impression" !!!!!
i like everyone and i talk to everyone, i do not cyber ,i just like to talk...
but for you guys that have that whole "Hey Baby" thing...i dont play that way??
act like an A$$ i am just gonna Block no warning ,
i have a NAME it is NOT "HEY" or Hey Baby get with Program? it is NaNook

and BIGGEST thing call me Latin or mexican i will "Instantly Block you" even JOKING even if i DO Know you !!
i am not some mexican!! I AM SIOUX !!! OF LAKOTA TRIBES

for the CD's Trans? Sissys? Pissys? wissys?? i dont know? (what ever you "Want to Call your selves?) ...
i dont like labels? and i dont label you? your Human to me .....Period.....
(but you guys get so PISSY?????) i have no idea why??...LOL
and i LIKE talking to everyone
BUT! lets get your REALITY CHECK in "CHECK"
if you WERE NOT BORN A GENETIC FEMALE !!! YOUR A GUY !!! PERIOD !!!! dont Preach to me about it??
i just like to talk, and i am not Interested in your Sexual Frustrations wanna dress like a "Woman" and act like a Homosexual? not a problem, i dont wanna hear about it....but if like to talk GREAT !!! and have a Normal "Conversation" like sitting with your kids in same room great ,cause i like to talk...!!!
let me "Clarify"!! i have Homosexual Friends and there GREAT PEOPLE !!!
i have Trans Friends!! and there GREAT People!! showed them this place
and they kinda went "Whoooa?? we dont act like that??
but some get pissy? cause my "Opinion"...and its just that?? an OPINION!!
but SOME??...dress like a Girl??...TRY to ACT like a Girl??...and ACT LIKE A MAN??? WTF???
then??...some??...Dres s as AN EXCUSE TO ACT GAY???...hey?? your Choice?? i dont care??
but dont want you to PM Me? to try and Explain to "ME" about being a Woman??....NOT !!!
my best friend for over 30 years is GAY??...i dont care?
some family members are Gay?? i dont care !! there "Human Beings" !!!
but the worst ones??...why the fuck did you get married if your just going to COMPLAIN
of your WIFE? who in the long term Stood by you when you were taking it in the ASS by another man?
dont screw up there lives too?? "MAN UP" !! get a divorce or get it right?
and for those being PISSY about me saying "Homosexual"...or GAY??
PICK a Fucking word i can use??...what ya want me to say "Rainbow Bright"..."Mr-Happy" ??? WTF?
there is NOTHING Wrong Being Gay???...or Homosexual??...
everything is Waay more Complex !! but the CD's and some Trans? take it out of Context ????
get a clue?...Grow up? and stop worrying bout my "Opinion"....Live, and be happy i say !!!
as i say , i like everyone !!...i dont like what i see??
"I Just Change the Channel On The TV".....real simple????

i mean i think its great you have found yourself !!! i can Respect that !!! for those that TRULY Feel Trapped?
or at Odds with there Identity? , this is Very Much Different !! i know? i have as i said, Friends that are TRANS !!

i love it i thnk its GREAT and Glad your Happy !! but dont preach to me about being a "Woman" cause "Your NOT"
untill ya "Snip-Snip"....your still a guy??...ya may "ACT" like a Girl??..."Well? TRY To"...?? but Genetically? your "Not"..??
but ones "Actually Felling like there Traped in another body i can understand that,
as Opposed to those"i'm so Fem-I'm so Fem" Fruit Loops are "2 COMPLETELY Different People"
some can be a REAL Disgrace to Women !! ..."ONE" we don think like that you Cum Bucket Bozo's !!!
for you "Down to Earth ones"....yea...hit me if ya like to talk "Normally"

now for the Guys,
talk to me like a Human Being...same as if your standing in line at the "Super Market" its really SIMPLE !!!!
and not like some Guy Jacking off wearing his mommy's Underwear looking at the Sears Catalog.....
i mean Really?? thats a fucking Turn off .....
wanna talk great !!! lets talk !!! i dont wanna see you jacking off?? really? thats fucking LAME !!
guys? get with the Program? we been Lying to ya for a 10 Millennia ...size dont matter your so "Predictable" !!!
think about it !!! ever see what "Society calls a HOT Woman" with what "Society calls a Not so Handsome man"??
all in the mind - all in the Mind...something almost 100 percent of this site for Males dont get?
and real Important if you have not read this far !!!!
am i bitter??...hell no??
but take it like this?? for the guys?? do you really think?? if you walked up to a woman? on the street?
and whipped out your dick??...what do you Honestly think will happen?
if your in Texas? she'll Probably Shoot your sorry ass?? than say? "You Shoulda said Hello FIRST" !!
California?...might get kicked in the Balls?...and 10 guys might kick your ass for being a "Pervert"..??

well, hope everyone has a wonderful time here !!, and i do i like to talk and i like "People" !!!
people are people and i REALLY dont like Labels and i think most are really great !!!
use some "Common Sense" and we'll be great Friends !!
and thanks for reading !!!

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EthnicityNative American
National heritageAmerican
Height5' 8" (173 cm)
Eye ColorDepends on my mood
Hair ColorBlack
Hair LengthVery long
Facial HairNone
Best featureLegs
Body ArtBranded, Fanged, Pierced... but only ear(s), Visible tattoo
Health ConditionNo problems
Cup sizeD
My attractiveness:Average


Has childrenThree or more
Wants kidsNo
Housing SituationFriends come over often
Living ArrangementsWith kid(s)
Wants to RelocateNo
AvailabilityAnytime / Anyplace
Has a carYes

Education & Employment

EducationUniversity Masters
SpecialtyResearch / Science / Engineering
Employment StatusRetired
Annual income$1,000,000 - $2,500,000
Job TitleEx-CEO

Looking For

Must haveIntelligence, Humor, Empathy, Sensitivity, Boldness, Spontaneity, Flirtatiousness, Wit, Thoughtfullness
My perfect matchno such thing as a Perfect match, because people now have standards
Wwaaayy TO HIGH !! ,
seems most T-Gurls are more "Snotty than REAL GENETIC WOMEN" ??
most CD's just want SEX?
and some are just WAY Fucked up !!? trying to "Pretend" to be something
they "NEVER CAN BE" instead of just "Being Human"
and the "Normal's" and the rest like me
that just like to "look nice for everyone"..LOL

and i have a Name, its NOT HEY, or Baby? or wanna get lucky?? you get the idea !!

so my good match would be a "Cool Friend" and go from there...and someone not trying to "Act like Something there NOT" just being them Selves?? its not really hard? :)
but being also in CALIFORNIA be a nice start !!
if close to Southern California Write me !!...LOL
Our first dategood first date? your kidding??...from this site??...OH HELL NO !!!...LOL
i just meet people in real life, you know??..when you go to a Bar?or club? sports places etc. ?? i just chat here...
but, in general that's easy LEAVE your "Attitude at HOME"
and thinking "Money will Impress me? cause i am already Rich...i do not need or want money,
money is "Nothing" but "ATTITUDE IS"
and being a real person interested in who a person is is more Important.

FOOD !!! I love FOOD !!!...I am FIT !! but I love to


FetishesHigh Heels, Pantyhose / Stockings

Sexual Activities

Sex isNot that important I'd rather cuddle
Night life:Night clubs, Raves, Intimate gatherings in my home, Regular Bars, Movies

Sexual Interests

CybersexNo, I need the real thing
Oral Sex isNot my thing
Anal sex isNot my thing
Sex toys:None of the above
Size matterNo, Not at all
"Off Limits":Anal, just not my thing??